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A Warrior's Journey. Just. Like. Yours.

Years ago, for a brief moment in time, I was a blogger. I was a farmer then too. And I fancied myself to be a wife. But then I found my self in the dog house with my farmer man & suddenly I was none of that. I haven't really been able to write since. In fact, just last week when I was fluffing up our Etsy store, I realized that my bio still said I lived on the farm. It was a great shock to me because although it has only been a year, it feels like a lifetime ago.

Meanwhile, Uber Herbal has been begging for a website, so the time is upon me to dive back into writing. Not just writing, but sharing. Because of course I can share recipes & kitchen things of all sorts here, but the way I'm wired, I've got to share my self with you also. I must.

And I'll be upfront here, that includes stories from my broken heart, my mending heart, my shattered dreams, my dreams reforming. Of becoming a single parent, being a single parent, co-parenting through betrayal & anger and of staying the course of my newly launched business during a time of great upheaval.

Mine is a Warrior's journey. Just. Like. Yours. So I hope we can agree to hold safe space here. This blog will be the highest & most courageous expression I can offer in this form. I offer it to you in the spirit of friendship & transparency and with great hope that healing follows understanding sometimes.

I'm shy to share this picture because I am exposing my palm to folks who might read it and maybe they'll learn more about me than I know about myself, which is intimidating.

But also kinda cool, I guess. Seems an appropriate way to peel back my insecurities and begin, once again, to share my personal experience of my one precious life.

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