• Elizabeth Bretko

It's That Time Again

Here's me sitting on a dusty couch at the Jazz Cafe in Black Rock City doing my homework for the Sustainable Valley Business Accelerator Program, one year ago.

There is a ton of flexibility in being an entrepreneur, for sure. AND at least in my experience, being self-employed makes it hard to get away. It is rare that I ever completely put the responsibilities of Uber Herbal down. I'm not complaining here, in fact, I find it quite a privilege and I'm super grateful to the team of folks who hold it down while I'm away.

Travelling to Burning Man is no exception. Last year I had quite a bit of actual homework so I wouldn't fall behind in class. This year, my quest is a bit more spiritual in nature. I hope to deepen my understanding of and alignment with "right livelihood", while destroying the ideas I hold around scarcity & success. Big stuff. (And urgent!)

So again this year I plan to give a day of my burn over to the business. To get dressed for work, go to Center Camp, drink coffee, brainstorm, solicit everyone's input, take notes and receive all the creative wisdom I possibly can. I've yet to come up with the wording but I plan to make a sign to engage people in this process. I promise a most excellent report on the other end. With pictures! Meanwhile a glimpse of last year's work day....

Here's me leaving for work in the morning.

This beautiful man double checked my math when I was pricing things out by the ounce.

Just the most awesome, melty moment at Center Camp! And below is a pano, isn't it beautiful in there!?!

Here's me headed back home that dusty afternoon. Pretty significant dust storm made my ride back very exciting.

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