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KAPOWder Profile: The Long Life

The Long Life is by far one of our best selling, most delicious tea blends and we are thrilled to now have a powdered version available. Think Golden Milk PLUS!

Based on an Ojibwa recipe for longevity that was made famous by Dr. Rene Cassie in Canada, this is our spin on Essiac.

I was first introduced to Essiac when my beloved Nana had cancer and was dying. Essiac helped her immensely. I was in my early twenties and absolutely blown away by the undeniably healing nature of this simple combination of plants.

I'm sure it was this experience of Essiac that launched me on my path of concocting formulas and blending teas. I distinctly remember the moment I promised myself I would make Essiac for people "when I grew up" (lol!). Well look at me now, my Nana would be soooooo proud!

This blend feels incredibly nourishing, the flavors are rooty and the color is amazing! All the ingredients are both certified fair trade & organic and as always, purchased from Oregon suppliers. We've been adding it to warm milk at night, to sauces, to soups and my daughter has been making the tea to fill her popsicle molds (devouring them as soon as possible) which pleases me to no end!

It is absolutely exciting for us to finally have our own website and be able to sell all varieties of our dynamic product line! Find the Long Life Powder in the KAPOWder's section of the shop here.

Find our best selling loose tea version in 4 oz and 12 oz bags in the Loose Tea section of our shop here!

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