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Broken Hearted Blend

While I do my best to keep my politics apart from my business, I will say that as January 2017 progresses I'm increasingly worried about this country, our public lands, both our international & our internal relations and people's access to health care.

In the kitchen, Claire (^my lovely apprentice & most appreciated side kick) & me talk about alllll the things as we make our things. Most importantly we talk about how to surTHRIVE this time/our lives. There are some pretty common themes.

One of which is this stuff, the Broken Hearted Blend, which both of us have been pounding. One of 6 of the powdered teas we lovingly refer to as the KAPOWders!

The Broken Hearted Blend is designed to nourish a body that is deeply grieving. Naturally uplifting, immune boosting & so easy to use! We've been drinking it as tea. And we've been cooking with it, adding it to soups, sauces & meals at home. It is also quite nice in a morning smoothie! The KAPOWders are potent! A serving is just 1/4 a teaspoon to 8 oz. of hot water.

Our ingredients are all organic or wild crafted. This blend contains Thyme, St. John's wort, tulsi, mint & lemonbalm. We buy the plants whole and powder them on site in order to offer the very freshest tea blend possible. The Broken Hearted Blend is one of our three varieties that are all Oregon grown. We LOVE buying local!

This is the link to purchase. Hope you love it & thank you!

Since it is the New Years & we are wise women. I'll share a few of the other common themes that seem to help us through our days.

We are hanging onto our hats & our humor!

Kindness & gratitude lead our days!

Outdoor adventures.

Making things/crafting constantly.

And of course, So. Much. Tea.

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