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Uber Herbal Honor's International Women's Day!

This year's IWD is extra special because women in the United States are calling for a women's strike!

Dubbed "A Day Without Women" you can read the call to action here: https://www.womensmarch.com/womensday

I think Ani Difranco summed it up beautifully today (def. better than I could) when she posted,

"dear comrades, this wednesday, march 8, the organizers of the women’s march are calling for a women’s general strike.if there are any women who feel able or compelled to participate, here is some information about how.if you are unable to participate (or not a woman!) you can simply support the effort by wearing red that day or helping to spread the word about it, or by helping to enable those women that are acting to participate. i believe this general strike idea is a very powerful one. there’s been so many times when i've gone to france or spain or somewhere in the much more socialistic european landscape, and witnessed some kind of huge, powerful worker’s strike going on. the rail system is shut down or the busses or something equally dramatic and business as usual has been ground to a halt to call attention to some egregious issue. i long so much for us workers in america to achieve that sort of unity and ferocity. would it be possible for us to organize a real general strike to protest the trump administration?? or are we just too big and vast a nation? we would need the big labor unions on board. the auto workers, the farm workers, the transportation workers. we would need the tech companies and the schools... the financial sector would probably never join because they are too invested (pardon the pun) in any and every republican free ride. anyway... it is a lofty dream. (one i have every night now!) this action on march 8th is at least a nod to such a concept, a toe in the water. blessings to you all and great thanks for whatever ways you might be devising to take part in the resistance (or just to be good and loving people in this age of… the opposite) much love, ani"

As a single mom with a small business, taking the day off is not something I have the privilege to do, so admittedly I've been a bit worried about this strike because Uber Herbal will be open and we need customers! So, we've come up with a few ways to participate.

First, of course we'll be wearing red in solidarity because that's just easy!

Second, for anyone intentionally wearing red that day.....

we're offering $1.00 off all orders at the bar all day Wednesday!

Wear RED and save a buck on our fabulous, seasonal TOAST specials!

Wear RED and save a buck on any drink at the bar.... Tea.... CHAI.... or....... DIRTY CHAI!

Save a buck AND buck the system!

As hard working women that recognize women's rights are human rights and who bear witness to women's universal struggles for justice across the globe, we honor both the call to show the power of the Lady Dollar by refraining from spending money that day and the needs of our own lil' small biz to generate money that day.

So for the week of March 8-15 we'll be "paying it forward" by donating a $1.00 from every web sale we make to the Kiva Loan Program.

If you don't already know about Kiva Loans, get ready to fall in love: https://www.kiva.org.

Finally we want to say THANK YOU!

To all the women participating. To all the women doing their best to be great workers, neighbors, mothers, allies. To all the folks that are supporting this particular uprising by covering our duties, at work and at home. To all the people flexing & testing their responsibilities as citizens by exercising their rights and offering up their own voice on behalf of the voiceless. To everyone that is working on getting "woke". We see you and we are cheering for you!

(and we are you, too!)

A special thank you to all our customers who see who we are, what we do and love us through.... YOU make everything in our lives possible and we're grateful, thank you!

Come celebrate International Women's Day with us Wednesday March 8!

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