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On Wearing ALLLLL the Hats & Being Me

This is me. Hi, I'm Elizabeth. Inevitably, most people call me Liz. I'm complex but I do like things simple, so it works out. I launched this web site a year ago with the understanding that it would be important to blog regularly so that the Google "spiders" would see activity & boost my site to the top of their browsers. I was told to blog about my products only, which sounds incredibly easy but has proven impossible for me.

Writing is something that I love, yet it's always been a deeply personal experience. I can't seem to "write light" and so on this blog, I've been pretty silent. Advisors say that me expressing my response to (as I see it) the World on Fire, may alienate or narrow our customer base. I'm sure this assessment has merit. So I've been doing my best to keep it light. But that has translated into radio silence because the whole damn world is on some sort of fire & it rages within my heart & intellect on the daily! I just can't write but not talk about it & so I don't write.

Right now, it is Uber Herbal's 6th season of vending at Ashland Saturday Farmers Market (downtown/Oak Street/8:30-1/Best ever). Our brick & mortar shop in Grants Pass has been open over 3 years now. And currently, all the cogs of Uber Herbal are turning toward the imminent launch of our wholesale operations. It's a big time of growth for this business. The pressure is on & really good things are happening.

This is awesome! And terrifying! Solo entrepreneur-ing is a crazy ride. For one thing, it can be really lonely. Every decision, every responsibility, every delay & every mistake are mine. Every dollar earned has a minimum of three places that need it. Small business is tight & demands vigilence on every level. It's intense & can be exhausting. I'm also a single mom so all the household responsibilities are mine alone. I want to share about these aspects of my life experience here, but they're deep & raw & real & some folks just want tea from me.

I totally get that.

Look! Here's some tea now!


Also, these are fast times. Times in which I've been handed extreme privilege. Privilege PLUS a sharp, active mind & a deep, firey heart & a near obsession for justice & a slight platform for expression. I've got to make the most of what I've got, to do what I can to speak my truth & to share my hard earned insights in the hopes of inspiring conversation & empowering other people to do the same. Here's a handy chart for people new to the concept of privilege:

All this is to say that I'm shifting my approach to this blog. I've given myself permission to speak directly to all the things that move me. I WILL write about my passion for the teas we make & how I use them to boost my immunity, where the ingredients come from, why I made certain blends!

AND I'm going to speak to solo entrepreneurship, parenting & being a single parent, being a momprenuer, my love for wild places, my heartache over human destruction of the planet, my deep & abiding bafflement over "man's inhumanity to man", my seething hatred of the industrial prison complex, the Jim Crow era's resurgence, White Supremacy & the way history is written & taught in this country.

This is how I feel:

Ultimately, I believe that we are living our ancestors' wildest dreams. We are the physical result of their own struggles & victories. Most of them worked so damn hard just to exist, that I think we oughta make them proud! We oughta use their blood, sweat & tears as a foundation for our living Big Love.

With all I've been given I feel it's my duty to Live real BIG. And if there's an ancestor I'd like to impress with my moves, no doubt it's this Queen here:

Harriet Tubman

I also want to live up to the legacy of these guys because unfortunately, & as crazy as it sounds, in this day & age, hate groups still strive for domination & extermination.

Also P.S. when these guys battled the Nazis they were YOUNG men & in great shape. What they saw, ya'll....... I shudder to think & never again.

Lastly, you can bet I'll be drinking tea as I write. I'll be drinking tea while I learn from people's comments. I'll be drinking tea to help my body navigate all the thoughts & feelings that flow through me as the world burns and I promise to tell you all about that too. I do hope you'll stick around for & participate in this.

And I totally get if it's not your "cup of tea".



In LOVE & rage........

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