• Elizabeth Bretko

Wednesday is for Rice Noodles

So I just found a rice noodle in my hair. And I decided to come straight to the blog to share.

Because mom life is hilair......

(See what I did there?)

On Wednesdays our hearts are often tender because after school my daughter goes to her dad's house for a few days. Although it's been this way for a few years now, it doesn't get any easier.

School starts at 8 AM. Uber Herbal opens for the week at 10 AM. That two hours in between is a twighlight transition zone for me. This week I emerged Business Owner with Rice Noodle Hair. (((Cue the super hero music here.)))

It's a tight turn around to get some QT with BE, get her ready for school and send her off to her dad's before 8 AM. I often lay in bed on Wednesdays awake before the alarm, strategizing the most effcient ways to do it all. <---- This could easily read "obsessing" or "stressing". I'm guessing there's an aspect of your life that relates so you know this already.

Lately, I've been making attempts to feed myself in the mornings. At home & before noon. Breakfast is a habit I lost when our family exploded a few years ago. A habit that has been tricky to reestablish. This morning, somewhere in between my shower & work prep & tea drinking, I heated up some leftover Thai soup, put it in a bowl & then walked past it ten thousand times as I got ready for the launch of my work week.

I did manage to grab the bowl on my way out the door, setting it on top of my mug of hot tea, cradled in my arms. Then I put a purse on my shoulder & attempted to walk out our two front doors. I was in between them when the bowl slid forward & the noodles took flight. They splattered all over the screen door & stuck there. I'm sorry I didn't get a picture for you but let's just say, it was as bad as you imagine,

I slowed my roll to clean it all up. Somehow half the soup stayed in the bowl so, yay for breakfast! Eventually the purse, the tea, the soup & I made it to the car and even to the shop, where I wrangled them all in the door simultaneously because I just never learn.

After getting the lights on and signs out, I sat down to work and finally ate my cold, half bowl of soup. Customers came in and I served them. They left, I went about my business. Just when I begin to think that I was pulling off this thing they call Adult-ing today, I reach up to find this looooong manky, clammy wet noodle all wrapped up in my hair!

Iiiiiiiiiii'm just gonna leave it there.

Thank you for laughing along with my life unfolding.

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