• Elizabeth Bretko

Powdered Tea Blends: Year One

In August of 2016, we released the product line we'd been working on for years. A line of herbal teas, blended & powdered by us, designed to offer a potent & versatile herbal boost to your daily health habits. Here's what they looked like then:

This product line required obvious improvement right out of the gate. The blends were fabulous but the presentation needed work in order to really get out into the world. The jars were small & got swallowed up on the store shelves. Having nine blends nearly identical looking blends created immediate inefficiencies for sales & packing. It is no lie to say they made me cross-eyed!

So we spent the first year back at the drawing board with the product design & size. Carefully redesigning the package to match the beauty & power of the blends it holds. I just uploaded all new images to this website (product photos by Claire!) & this is our Victory Blog!

We're pretty proud. And super excited to get these out beyond our reach, to stores around the country! We wholesale by the case (24), just shoot us an email if you have a store that would like to carry these, thanks & hooray!

Meanwhile, we've got another year under our belts of consuming these incredible blends & falling more in love with the ease & potency of powdered tea blends. At my home, we consume mad quantities of the Chocolate Chai, Mate Ginger Hibiscus, Long Life & the Throat & Lung Love. I also cook a lot with the Broken Hearted & the Liver Lover. The powdered teas are soooooo easy & save me a bunch of time, especially on school day mornings. I just pop a 1/2 Tsp. into my to go mug, add a half spoon of honey, pour in hot water, stir & go. I love drinking these in the to go mug because I can shake it up frequently, keeping the powder well distributed throughout the beverage.

That's all our hooray for this day, thanks for reading. Happy Autumn! Stay warm of heart & body in these changing times!

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