• Elizabeth Bretko

Sweetie Chai Sprinkles

Sweetie Chai Spices are an allstar combo of turmeric infused coconut palm sugar and Heartsong Chai. At our tea bar we put a little of this topping on every cup of chai we serve.

If it's our own cuppa, we put on a lotta!

It started out as an upgrade to the age old cinnamon sugar on toast but quickly became so much more! It is so easy to add to everything, once you have it in your kitchen!

Just in time for the holidays, we've changed up our package to make it easy to ship and affordable too! The size makes an excellent stocking stuffer.... $6!

I can't resist reminding everyone that we grind our organic chai spices by bicycle power right in the middle of our shop in Grants Pass!

I'll also take this opportunity to thank you for reading this blog! For cheering on Uber Herbal and for sharing our web site with your favorite holiday shoppers! We are so grateful for your participation!

Here's a quick link to Sweetie Chai Sprinkles in our online store: https://www.uberherbaloregon.com/product-page/sweetie-chai-sprinkles

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