• Elizabeth Bretko

Our Quest for a Micro Loan

Yesterday I launched a micro loan campaign for Uber Herbal via Kiva.org.

I've been working on the application for weeks. Though I'm not stoked on the video (it's not easy to make an uneditable 1 minute video!) I submit it last week & yesterday the application got approved & the loan went live!

Initially it goes live privately so right now it is up to me & Uber Herbal to invite our network to support this. Once we generate 16 backers the loan goes public & into the mighty kiva network! 95% of their loans get funded. That's just incredible!

So far, we've got 8 backers! Jump in here: https://www.kiva.org/lend/1536024

Thanks to everyone that jumps in right away, ya'll help a girl sleep at night! <3 <3

This is an all or nothing campaign. Our goal of $5,000 is a loan with 0% interest & 24 months to pay it back. Once it is repaid, we can go through again & go for more.

If you don't Kiva already, please do check it out, it truly is a powerful force of good in the world!

<3 And what better time than now to dive in.... wink-wink!

For me, crowd funding campaigns require a delicate balance of vulnerability & peacockery. They require a whole lot of internetting. They require a bow deep into asking and also a straight spine, a grateful heart, a mind open to magic and some BIG ass lessons in receiving. Honestly, I'm over here mustering my courage....

This one is raw for me. I tell it the best I know how. I'd be so grateful to you for following along & cheering me on through this.

This is a Get Back On That Damn Horse moment for me. Putting it all out there!

I'm grateful for your presence & positivity! Thanks for reading this blog post.

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