• Elizabeth Bretko

Garlic Scape Sea Salt

Our 2018 batch of Garlic Scape Sea Salt is now in the store! Get it while it lasts, we only made 20 jars this year.

French Grey, Redmond & Jacobsen sea salt combined with fresh picked, dehydrated garlic scapes, yield a dynamic, flavorful finishing salt! This was one of our most popular seasonals in 2017 & we're thrilled to bring it back!

In case you are wondering what a garlic scape is. It is the plant's pre flower shoot. It has a very fresh, green, VERY garlicy flavor. And it looks like this:

How fun is that!?!?!

I'm also compelled to show you the amazingness of this salt crystal from Jacobsen Salt Co. Harvested from the Mighty Pacific right here in Oregon!

Thanks Everybody for supporting our Seasonal magic!

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