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As Spring Turns Summer

The slowness of Winter is firmly behind us now & things are popping at Uber Herbal!

May 4 was the 5 years anniversary of our brick & mortar’s presence downtown Grants Pass. And the anniversary of successful completion of our Kickstarter project: THANK YOU EVERYONE!

The space has changed so much in that time & we’re super grateful to be there making & serving.

We’ve just launched season 8 at that gorgeous downtown Ashland Saturday Market! Also in Ashland, Bestow & Bloom is stocked with a variety of our Powdered Tea Blends! The new AWAKE Café on the south side of town serves an incredible variety of our blends, including shots of The PFC (#theproductformerlyknownasfirecider). Go check them out, the place is an absolute feast for the eyes & all senses!

We really wanted to have the shop open in Grants Pass on Saturdays for all our GP Market customers, but we tried it for two weeks & it was too slow to justify continuing. So for now it’s closed. Hopefully this is temporary because we love serving Grants Pass & our market people… And by “we” I mean I…. she who wishes she could be in two places at once!

And with that I have to give a shout out to my beloved new friend Linda Pace (& her wonderful man Ray). She decided to volunteer at the shop this Winter... she came in one day to let me know she was coming & she's been steadfast in her support since that day!. It has been an absolute pleasure to get to know her. I can't rightly put into words how much I truly benefit from all her wisdom! She's quickly become a mentor, sounding board, editor, cheerleader, advisor & friend. And she most definately is to thank (along with my parents who ROCK!) for getting me through the Winter!

We have brand new T-Shirts & we really hope you want one! It’s a limited run so act now to be sure to get the right size. They’re at the shop & on the website. Designed & printed by the incredible Ariel Will (see here holding one up), find her on Insta: @talentmercantile. Link to t-shirts on line: https://www.uberherbaloregon.com/product-page/t-shirt

In other big news, we’re in love with growing our marigolds at the gorgeous Easy Valley Farm in Rogue River! Headed into year eight of the marigolds & year two farming at Easy Valley we’re building this aspect of the business up a bunch! We’re so excited to announce that our Marigold Garlands have been juried into the Lithia Artisans Market in Ashland! We’ll be vending there Sundays, July through October!!!! Please note that we won’t have our full booth there, just the marigolds so be sure to catch us in the streets of Ashland on Saturdays for All The Things!

We’re also super stoked to announce that our Powdered Tea Blends are on the shelves of two radical Eugene food stores that we’ve loved a long time! Sundance Foods & Friendly Street Market. If you are local to that area, we’d be soooo stoked for you to purchase there to support us! And if you happen to be travelling the I-5 & stop in at Sequential BioFuels, tell them our products are rad & would sell well there….. THANKS!

Here's a photo of our new market banner layout before printing. This is the year for marketing & telling our story & getting the products we make into wholesale distribution. As always, please let us know where you'd like to buy our products! The Powdered Tea Blends been thriving in smaller, more curated shops vs. big grocery stores.

You can also really help promote us by liking & commenting on our social media posts, your active participation really helps more people see our posts! Also thanks for sharing those posts, your own testimonials & our web site with your networks! . By promoting Uber Herbal you give the greatest possible gift to our little family by helping us surTHRIVE! We're grateful to you!

That’s all the news I can think of at the moment. Thanks for all your love & support. It truly takes a village to raise a small batch business & I thank my lucky stars for all of you on the daily.

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