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Get. On. The. Mend.


Immune boosting, naturally elevating & full of goodness, the Broken Hearted Blend is for those really hard times in life. 


Natural relief for the hurting heart

Your heart hurts. Everything feels like work. You can’t remember what it was like to sleep. And eat. And love. 


This tea is for those times when you need more than a big hug.


Immune boosting.

Naturally elevating.

Full of love.


It’s time for more support. Feel the love inside and out with a nourishing cup of tea.


Drink as tea. Add to smoothies. Sprinkle on toast or salad or soup or whatever your beloved mending heart will eat! 


We blend & powder the most potent, organically grown plants we can source into these tasty & nourishing tea blends.


Simply stir 1/4 Tsp. into 8 oz. hot water, sweeten & enjoy!


Or add 1/4 Tsp. to a smoothie.  Yum!


36 servings per vial = .72 cents per cup


All Oregon grown ORGANIC ingredients: thyme, St. John's wort, tulsi, calendula, mint, lemonbalm

Broken Hearted Blend

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