Honey Bee Teas are so easy to make! Just stir a teaspoon full into a cup of hot water and enjoy! Raw honey from Southern Oregon and organic, powdered herbs. We buy the herbs whole and powder them in small batches as the honeys are being made so that these products are the freshest available. Honey Bee Teas are perfect for busy people, great for road trips, backpacking and other on the go activities. 


Worker: Designed to keep you moving through life's aches and pains. Designed to assist people who deal with chronic pain. This is our daytime pain reliever, it is caffeine free yet uplifting and invigorating. Active Ingredients: Rooibos, Peony, Marshmallow, Astragalus, Ginger, Habanero. (Not spicy in flavor, hot peppers are excellent for circulation).


Our honey is sourced throughout the Rogue Valley of Oregon and is always RAW. We monitor temperature carefully during production of the Honey Bee Teas to preserve the incredible enzymes of this raw, local honey.


One 16 oz. jar is approximately 20-22 servings. We also sell this product by the half pint.

Honey Bee Tea: The Worker PINT