I've been reading about the symptoms commonly associated with Covid-19 & of all the things I make that can be helpful & immune boosting at this time, these are the two that I think can assist people the most. This virus brings days of fever & body aches so having the Queen on hand can assist your body with those things & increase the liklihood that you'll get the rest you need. This virus moves into the lungs, causing a myriad of complications & discomfort & even long term damage. Having the Nas Tea Cough Killah in your medicine cabinet before you need it could be a key in your fight to get healthy again. The Nas Tea is specifically designed for compromised lung systems & chronic bronchial issues. It doesn't taste the best but I've added it to my daily routine as a preventative. I don't want that virus to take hold in my precious, life giving lungs!


I've bundled these two together with a 15% discount in the hopes of getting them into as many homes as possible as quickly as possible. Get a bundle for your own home & send them out to the people you love the most! 

Emergency Wellness Stash

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