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Inspired by Frank Sinatra a man that could travel, drink, smoke & SING! This is an excellent ally for singers & performers. Also helpful for people recovering from bronchial illness, allergies or living in a smoky environment. This is our most popular & wildly anticipated Seasonal Small Batch Wonder. 


Our Throat & Lung Love blend is cooked for two days with 30 pounds of organic sour cherries from Valley View Orchard in Ashland Oregon.


Ingredients: Sour cherries, lemons, ginger, honey, water, fennel, basil, licorice, thyme, osha, marshmallow, Oregon grape root, wild cherry bark. 


This is a 12 oz jar, servings per jar: 2. Keep refrigerated. This fresh product ships overnight.

Sinatra's Secret Sour Cherry Power Elixir

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