A deeply penetrating & restorative blend. Inspired by Frank Sinatra. A man who could smoke, travel, party & SING!


Support for throat & lungs for areas with bad air quality, pollution or wild fires.


Great for singers & performers!


Soothing for asthma and other bronchial related illness.


Super delicious! 


We blend & powder the most potent, organically grown plants we can source into these tasty & nourishing tea blends.


Simply stir 1/4 Tsp. into 8 oz. hot water, sweeten & enjoy!


Or add 1/4 Tsp. to a smoothie.  Yum!


36 servings per vial = .72 cents per cup


Ingredients: Fennel, basil, licorice, thyme, osha, marshmallow, Oregon grape, wild cherry bark

Throat & Lung Love Powdered Tea