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I find it pretty fabulous that you've found your way here today, thank you!

I'm Elizabeth Bretko, I'm a concoctor, a maker & farmer. In 2014, with the help of over 300 people via Kickstarter, I opened a manufacturing space & tea shop in Grants Pass, Oregon.

But really it all started back in 2000 at the Bloomsbury Coffeehouse in Ashland with a magical elixir known as Heartsong Chai. This cardamom rich, spicy, masala chai lead to me on a 9 year tea brewing, business building, thirst quenching journey!


For the first 3 years I brewed Heartsong Chai at night at the legendary Evo's of Ashland. In those days I reused our jugs & delivered to cafes & restaurants on my Xtracycle bicycle!


In 2002 I renovated the garage of my Jacksonville home into a commercial kitchen & grew sales into Eugene & Portland with the launch of the Habanero Honey Brew. #habanerohoneybrewforever 


In 2007, we released the Thai Dragon Tonic & the Mate Fire brews. Together with a team of ambitious players, I renovated Ashland's former Pizza Hut into the Chai Hut, a 200 gallon capacity tea brewery & of course, a tasting room & cafe. 

In that time, Heartsong Chai also took me to the Oregon Country Fair, Burning Man, PickAthon & High Sierra Music Festival serving so much chai to so many people.... woah! Those were some beautifully, crazy summers!

Sadly, the Chai Hut closed in 2008 when the US economy tanked just as we expanded our distribution into Seattle via Whole Foods Market. It was just too much, too fast. 

After Heartsong ended I turned my passion toward family & farming. This is when I started growing marigolds. In 2011 I started Uber Herbal, producing all the old favorites as well as processed foods from our farm & selling at the Ashland Saturday Market. Then I built an Etsy store. And a year or so later, launched the Kickstarter project that built our shop in Grants Pass.

In 2020, many changes came to all of us. With people encouraged to stay at home & my daughter schooling from home, I stopped keeping regular hours at the shop. Pivoting my focus to farmers markets & online sales. In July I bought a 1973 Miley horse trailer & along with dear friends, renovated it into a pop up shop & mobile bar. 

When I'm not out buying ball jars or elbow deep in dishes, I'm either in my marigold field at Easy Valley Farm or hanging out with my Daughter BE & our dog Nellie. We like to explore Oregon, immerse ourselves in water, take goofy selfies & eat chocolate chip pancakes.

Thank you for shopping with Uber Herbal! You are directly supporting the well being of our family & the farmers that we work with. We are grateful forever....... 

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Grinding Chai Spice by Bicycle
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Wife's Life Elixir
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Our Shop in Grants Pass OR
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Making Honey Bee Teas
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