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Our bicycle powered chai blend is next level fresh!

All organic spices, hand sorted & ground in small batches by our infamous bicycle grinder. Heartsong Chai was establised in the year 2000 & we're still brewing on, thanks to the love of our Southern Oregon people & our incredible local herb & spice providers.


Trying to replace your morning coffee? 

You will look forward to mornings again after trying this blend! Uber Herbal has combined our Heartsong Chai with Balanise drinking chocolate and lots of black tea. Chai is highly regarded in ayurvedic medicine as an excellent digestive aid & a powerful anti-viral.


So easy to use. Add ½ tsp to 16 oz hot water. Sweeten. Add a splash of milk. 


This is the coffee replacement you have been looking for.  And with one jar lasting 32 servings you will be set to go for the month. 





Chocolate Chai

  • It's. So. Easy.

    Simply stir 1/2 tsp. into a mug of hot water. If you like tea with cream & honey, or however you like it, do that. 

    You can also add them to smoothies and cook with them. Get creative & enjoy!

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