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This one is a powerful combination of plant allies that tastes rooty & amazing!


This blend is a spin off of Rene Cassie's famous herbal cancer fighting formula.  It is designed to strengthen and enhance the immune boosting actions of your body.  In these days of heightened toxicity on the earth, plants can assist us in maintaining our health. 


Ingredients: Organic turmeric, organic burdock, organic turkey rhubarb, organic sheep sorrel, organic marshmallow, organic pau d'arco



5 oz. bag yields 34 cups!


I have really been enjoying this blend made in the french press.  It steeps for hours and I refresh my cup as needed.  A second pour stored overnight in the fridge yields a second day's sippings most delightfully!  Traditionally the 'Essiac Plants" are brewed into a concentrate, stored in the fridge and taken regularly.  


All of these plant ingredients have been cultivates and ingested by humans for centuries.  Their history and folklore are well documented and fascinating.  Search Essiac on the web for more info.  I have chosen to replace slippery elm in the original recipe with marshmallow root because slippery elm is threatened due to over harvest.  I also added turmeric root and pau d'arco bark because they are incredible immune building plant allies.


This is a 4 oz bag and yields half a gallon of tea.  The Long Life Blend is available in 12 oz. bags under our Big Bags listing here:

Long Life Essiac Blend

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